hi friends! my name is gillian and I go by the band name "the sleepy haunts." we originally used to be a band but now it's just me with a lot of awesome musicians who collaborate. music is my greatest passion and I enjoy sharing not just my love of music, but also my love of spooky things, to you my fans.

we recently got the opportunity to play Sound Off 2022 at the Museum of Pop Culture and it was incredible. i couldn't believe the number of people who loved and believed in our music. we're currently working on our second album after the success of our first album, "queendom" that released in December 2020.

if I had to describe my music, i'd say it's a love letter to the nineties. i write a lot about the stress of adolescence, love, and the insecurities that come with being a young adult. i hope these songs mean as much to you as they mean to me.


The Sleepy Haunts Band 02

From Left, Josiah (Guitar), Rear, Sevastian (Drums), Right, Noah (Bass), and Me, Gillian (Singer/Songwriter)

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